The Russo Brothers Sneakily Share CIVIL WAR Footage

I love the weird thing I'm seeing!

Last night The Russo Brothers were working late on the mix for Captain America: Civil War and they shared some footage on Facebook from the mixing stage. They revealed that the film will be finished in about a week and a half, so they'll be done with Civil War right when Batman v Superman is coming out. Synchronicity! 

But I suspect the reason for the live stream was to sneak out some footage from the movie. What we see on the screen isn't the most exciting footage - it isn't third act stuff - but it's very fun in its own way. Look:




Posted by The Russo Brothers on Tuesday, March 15, 2016


What you have is General Thunderbolt Ross giving the Avengers a dressing down. He's laying out the way the Sokovia Accords work - The Avengers are no longer a private organization, and they now operate under the auspices of a UN council. This kind of stuff will be familiar to comic fans - it's very much like the Henry Peter Gyrich years in The Avengers comics. But here's what I dig - I like the way the Avengers are sitting around the table, like scolded children. Ross standing over them, arm reaching into frame like God reaching out to touch Adam, says so much. More than that: I love The Vision sitting at a conference table! A boring, regular one, not even some kind of hi-tech hologram table or something. This isn't the conference table on the Helicarrier - it's a fake wood with a pitcher of water on it and a conference call phone right in the middle. This is the conference table in your local office. And here's The Vision, all red-faced and Mind Gem-ed, sitting at it. 

That, to me, represents what I'm excited for in Civil War and Infinity War - seeing the Russos bring the more outre elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe into their grounded style. I like the inherent ridiculousness of the synthezoid getting chewed out at a boring, regular old table. The collision of elements and tones can be a disaster... or it can be amazing.