WALKING DEAD’s Steven Yeun Joins Joe Lynch’s MAYHEM

Could be very bad news for WALKING DEAD fans.

The Walking Dead is one of those shows I stopped watching almost instantly but still try to keep up on in a general sense. I know that recently the show set up a fake-death for its beloved character Glenn, played by Steven Yeun. I also know that if the show follows the comics, a newly introduced character makes Glenn’s continued time on that show a somewhat dubious prospect.

This may further solidify that theory. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Steven Yeun has just signed on to star in Everly director Joe Lynch’s new film, Mayhem. TV stars can of course go star in movies during their hiatus time, so that could be the situation here. Just keep telling yourself that.

Meanwhile, Mayhem sounds pretty cool. It’s about an office building infected with some virus that causes everyone to go insane and act on their base impulses. Yeun plays a guy who must fight his way out of that shit. Like Everly, it appears to be another action-heavy situation playing out within limited time and space. I’m into it.

Mayhem should start shooing later this month.