Your First Look At The SUPERGIRL/FLASH Crossover

Images, behind-the-scenes photos, and even a teaser!

I’ve written so much about this damn crossover already, not to mention crossovers in general. I don’t think I’ll have anything left in me for the actual episode! Here are the first images from the episode, as well as some behind-the-scenes production stills. Well, they’re all technically behind-the-scenes stills, but you’ll be able to spot the difference.

That's everyone from Team Supergirl, to Barry Allen, to villains Banshee and Livewire flanking an unenthused Cat Grant, to an equally unenthused Lucy Lane. Cat and Lucy probably aren’t caught up on The Flash yet. You can check out the full gallery here. While we wait for the episode to air, here’s a short teaser that adds a bit of lightning to the Supergirl logo:

“Worlds Finest” (a.k.a. Dawn of Friendship) airs March 28th on CBS.