A New LEGEND OF TARZAN Trailer Swings Online

Comedy of the year.

For all whose people whose favorite Kingdom of the Crystal Skull scene involved Mutt and some monkeys swinging through the jungle, here is a new Legend of Tarzan trailer:

I look at the different plot elements on deck here, and dread having to see them all play out at feature length. Tarzan’s origin stuff seems okay enough. But his introduction to society? Getting married? Somehow running afoul of a villain who has already seen a bunch of Tarzan movies (“He’s Tarzan, you’re Jane. He’ll come for you”)? No thanks. The only real draw here is the big battle between humans and animals.

But we already have two stellar modern Planet of the Apes movies for that stuff. And we have an upcoming The Jungle Book movie for most of the cuter things. So why do we have this? Who knows.

Either way, they made the movie, and we’re stuck with it. Here’s a poster to go along with that trailer: