AMERICAN GODS Gains One Emily Browning

The show’s cast keeps getting better.

We already know American Gods will star Ricky Whittle and Ian McShane, two interesting enough names to lend the show some credibility. Now it appears Sucker Punch star Emily Browning has joined the cast as well.

Browning will play Laura Moon, who - as with most of this book that I should probably reread - I absolutely do not remember. According to the press release, she is the main character Shadow’s wife. I believe it!

This really does seem like a show that could be good. The cast is shaping up nicely. You have Bryan Fuller and Michael Green as show runners. And the story is interesting enough to sustain a season of television (assuming that’s as far as it goes; I’m not sure it can go on for years without getting boring). I have my hopes up for this one.