Amber Heard Confirmed As The DCCU’s Mera

And we don’t even have to wait until AQUAMAN to meet her.

There are signs that Warner Bros may be a bit nervous about Batman v Superman’s impending box office performance and whether or not it can justify a decade of planned superhero movies in this cinematic universe. Nevertheless, they are going forward with some of these movies on faith alone. Wonder Woman is in production and Zack Snyder is already planning production for Justice League Part One.

That includes casting. And according to Entertainment Tonight, Amber Heard will take the role of Mera, queen of the undersea, wife to Aquaman, and badass in her own right. Heard has been rumored for the role since January. Now it’s confirmed.

Mara will of course play a role in Aquaman, but I’m happy to hear that we’ll first meet her in 2017’s Justice League, hopefully as a warrior in the fray rather than just Aquaman’s lady. Heard is a great choice, and I want to see her do something.

Aquaman, which will be directed by James Wan, comes out 2018.