MAZE RUNNER 3 Shut Down After Star Seriously Injured

Lead Dylan O'Brien broke some bones.

Maze Runner: The Death Cure, the final film in the YA trilogy that I've been enjoying quite a bit, got some real life drama yesterday. Star Dylan O'Brien was severely injured during shooting yesterday, leading to him being rushed to a hospital suffering from broken bones. The reports right now are confused - some say that he was run over by a car while other say he fell off the back of a train car set and broke his face when he landed on it. Either way, the kid is hurt. 

Fox has shut down production for the time being. The Death Cure was scheduled to be released in February, but with the star sidelined with possibly a busted face that release date may be evaporating. 

In The Maze Runner O'Brien plays Thomas, a kid who wakes up in a weird maze and, over the course of the two films released so far, discovers that he and his friends are test subjects in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies and under the heel of a dictatorship. At the end of the last film, The Scorch Trials, he finally decided to take the battle back to the bad guys; I'm kind of pumped for this final film because the second movie left me with deep moral questions. The kids were test subjects in an experiment trying to save humanity from a terrible virus - shouldn't the needs of the many outweigh the needs of those with good haircuts and cheekbones?

Here's hoping O'Brien's injuries aren't that bad after all and that he makes a speedy recovery.