Nerdy Simon Pegg To Join Nerdy Steven Spielberg’s Nerdy READY PLAYER ONE

One day they’ll take over the whole world!

I made it about two pages through Ready Player One before the cute pop culture reference stuff turned me off completely. I think that might have been the right move since the movie is shaping up to be a much better way of getting this story.

Having Spielberg at the helm doesn’t hurt, but now it appears another great nerd has joined the project. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Simon Pegg is in talks to play Orgen Morrow, co-creator of the virtual reality world, Oasis, which is where most of the story takes place (I think - the downside of never reading the book is ignorance).

Pegg’s a ton of fun, and it’ll be interesting to see how he does on a Spielberg film. We heard his voice in The Adventures of Tintin, but that’s not quite the same.

In the meantime, that Spielberg’s a busy guy. He has The BFG coming out this summer. This movie comes out March 30, 2018. And now he has a whole new Indiana Jones movie to deal with. If the number one killer of old people is retirement, he and Ridley Scott have a real shot at living forever.