Margot Robbie Going From Harley Quinn to Tonya Harding

If you're not onboard with I, TONYA, we cannot be friends.

Last night, news broke that Margot Robbie - recently seen in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and soon to be seen in this summer's Suicide Squad - had signed on to play Tonya Harding (of all people) in I, Tonya

First of all, let's agree that this is the best possible title for a Tonya Harding biopic. Secondly, let's agree that we all love Margot Robbie and that she will, in all likelihood, kill this role. And third, let's agree that a bonkers Tonya Harding biopic sounds like a great idea (the script, by Love The Coopers' Steve Rogers, is being compared to Gus Van Sant's To Die For). To say we are excited about this project would be an understatement.

Right now, there's no director attached, but Robbie is apparently on the hunt for one even as we speak. 

Side note: while I'm excited about Robbie's casting, I can't help but side with Devin's Canon co-host, Amy Nicholson, who made the following casting suggestions on Twitter last night.

Goddamn, that's some good fan-casting. Possibly on par with the casting of 1994's Tonya & Nancy: The Inside Story, a made-for-TV movie that featured Heather Langenkamp as Nancy Kerrigan.  

Anyway, we'll keep you updated as developments occur.