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It's a big year for movies which means it's a big year for the BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. magazine. The latest in our series of special collectible issues will be released alongside Captain America: Civil War, but you can order the magazine right now and secure yourself a copy!

The mag, with a gorgeous cover by Chris Skinner, will bring you behind the scenes of the making of Civil War, as well as bring you through Captain America's 75 glorious years. Along the way we take stops to look at the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to celebrate the majesty of The Black Panther, to look at the unique relationship between Bucky and Cap, to examine the psychology of Iron Man and much, much more. 

This deluxe size issue is perhaps our best yet, and we're incredibly proud of the smart and incisive content, and we're really excited to share with you the interior art (which is still being created!). 

This issue also sees us moving magazine sales to what I hope is our final home - the Mondo store. It makes perfect sense that our sibling brand would be hosting sales for this magazine, and they'll be fulfilling orders as well, which means the Mondo quality you expect will extend to this magazine. With Mondo as our final storefront we can begin to look forward to what comes next, including the three other issues we have planned this year and a possible subscription service. 

Pre-order your copy today and it will arrive with the film. Click here to purchase for the low, low price of $6 (Captain) American!