FLASH Facts: Trajectory

She never listened to Nancy Reagan.

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Eliza Harmon was born and raised in Manchester, Alabama. To most people, this means nothing, but for those of us who know Flash history better than American history, it is an important place, almost as important as Central City when it comes to the stories of super speedsters in DC Comics. Manchester Alabama was the home of Barry Allen’s grandson, Bart, and his mentor, Max Mercury.

It was Impulse who first turned Eliza on to speedsters. She became a big fan of the floppy haired hero, as well as his teacher, and the Flash. Eliza wanted to be like them, and then she heard about Lex Luthor’s Everyman Project. Luthor had found a way to give anyone superpowers and, for the right price, he was willing to share it. A small fee and you could live your dreams of fighting alongside Superman, or against him if you wished.

Eliza packed up a few things, drained her bank account, and headed to Metropolis. Out of the hundreds of people lined up, Eliza was chosen to be one of the first to get the Everyman Project process. She asked to be a speedster, and Lex Luthor made it happen. Not only that, Luthor made her a part of his own superhero team, Infinity, Inc. (This is a different Infinity, Inc. than we have discussed previously). Eliza was over the moon. Then she almost died.

It turned out that the Everyman Project wasn’t perfect, and Eliza found herself unable to cope with living life in the fast lane all the time. To help with the psychological hardships of superspeed, Eliza turned to a drug called “Sharp” to help her slow down. Sharp is kind of like a super adderall, helping speedsters who can’t control their accelerated perceptions of the world. Eliza became addicted to Sharp and quit Infinity, Inc. in a fit of rage. Ashamed of her actions, Eliza hid away for a bit while she detoxed. Eliza returned to Luthor, who allowed her to join his team again. Eliza asked permission to call herself Kid Flash but was denied by the Titans (why the Titans have the copyright on the name, I have no idea), so she took on the name Trajectory.

On their first mission, the new Infinity, Inc. battled the super strong Blockbuster with the help of the Teen Titans. During the fight, Eliza’s powers failed her, vanishing faster than a bolt of lightning. Blockbuster killed her. A funeral was held in Manchester, Alabama with Infinity, Inc and the Teen Titans in attendance. Lex Luthor gave the eulogy. Eliza Harmon was buried a hero.

Turns out, Luthor had the ability to turn off the powers of anyone who got them through his Everyman Project and that is exactly what he did to Eliza. What a dick.

As we saw on The Flash, Eliza was once more dependent on drugs, this time it was V9. I think we can all agree that fictional drugs are bad. Stay off that MGH, Harold! Can’t you see what it's doing to your mother!?

Neither version of Eliza lasted long. In the comics, she only ever appeared in the DC year-long weekly series 52. Obviously on The Flash she died. Or did she? A little thing with speedsters in the DCU - if they vanish while running, seemingly disintegrating before our very eyes but with their costumes surviving… that peep ain’t dead; they’ve entered the Speed Force. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Eliza show up again sooner or later.


Joe Bennett