Check Out The Trailer For DANGEROUS MEN’s Incredible Home Video Release

Time for everyone to meet Black Pepper.

How can one accurately describe the insanity found within Dangerous Men? The film is a hilarious madhouse from beginning to end, an experience no film fan should go without. That’s probably not good enough, though. Maybe this trailer for the film’s upcoming home video release will do a better job:

As you can see, this is something you want to get on. And aside from the great film, you also get these special features:

Dangerous Men on Blu-ray/DVD combo pack + DRM-free digital copy (Region 0)

Exclusive 3" Policeman Police pewter badge – limited to 200!

27x40" theatrical onesheet

Instant mp3 download of soundtrack

First 100 customers receive bonus original theatrical poster from the 2005 release absolutely free!


Audio commentary featuring Destroy All Movies authors Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly

That's So John Rad: an original documentary about the film's initial 2005 release

Interview with director of photography Peter Palian

Rare footage of director John S. Rad appearing on public access television

Original theatrical trailer

Re-release teaser and trailer

16-page booklet featuring the only documented full-length interview with Rad

That’s a ton of amazing stuff, which is just what a film of this caliber deserves. You can get your copy April 19th. (And for the record, I think Black Pepper can take Black Phillip.)

The Blu is available exclusively at or