Let This International SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer Wash Away That Unpleasant BATMAN V SUPERMAN Aftertaste

Haters ARE gonna hate, that's right.

Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice may have lost the Rotten Tomato Wars, but it is wrecking shop on the box office front: the film pulled down a $170m+ opening over the weekend here in the States, and added another $250m+ to its coffers via offshore ticket sales. Of course this picture isn't really going to snap into focus until we've seen how the film fares in its second and third weeks in release, but for the time being Batman V Superman is a giant-ass hit.

But let's say you didn't enjoy Batman V Superman. In fact, let's say you thought it sucked, and to an extent that caused you to question the entire future of Warner Bros.' DC Universe. If that's you (it's me), then you're probably feeling pretty hopeless about the DCU's prospects right now (also me). 

But guess what? A brand-new international Suicide Squad trailer just hit, and it's turned my frown upside down. 

There's not much in the way of new material here (I caught a handful of new shots, including a great Killer Croc moment), but hot damn does this trailer still do it for me. I'm into the weird-ass, blink-and-you'll-miss-'em details (see also: dude in a panda costume firing an assault rifle), I'm into the balance director David Ayer seems to be striking between "gritty" and "cartoonish", I'm into the sense of fun this trailer is selling, and you best believe that I am ready to have my mind changed about Jai Courtney. 

I think the Birth.Movies.Death. team is split on whether this one's worth getting excited over, but I'm firmly on Team Suicide Squad. Please, god, let this be the DCU film Batman V Superman wasn't.

Oh, and while we're here: here's two new official stills. They're alright.

How about you guys? Have you given up hope, or are you still in Suicide Squad's corner?