New GAME OF THRONES Trailer Gets The Band Back Together

Get GOT.

At the onset of each new Game Of Thrones season premiere, the moment most important to this viewer is the pre-tile recap. Because sweet Jesus Christ in the manger, do I need that recap. Because as I half-watch this show, recently described by co-star Ian McShane as “just tits and dragons,” I frequently have no idea what’s happening. Bearded men menace and kill other bearded men. Little kids die. Villains sometimes engender sympathy. Sex is had. One time a lady blew a smoke assassin out of her vagina. There’s a lot to keep track of on this show, and my resources in that department are finite. But as I watched this trailer for season six, I once again embraced that warm, familiar feeling of compelling confusion.

I can tell you that Lady Friendzone, Mother Of The Dragons is back! And The Evil Helicopter Parent Who Had Incestuous Babies With Her Brother is also back! And Natalie Dormer is back! I also recognize Peter Dinklage narrating! That should count for something. But who lives? Who dies? Who comes back to life after dying? Before watching the show, while watching the show, and after watching the show, I am never sure of the answers. I do know this season the show pulls ahead of the books, so it will be fun to watch that unfold online. 2016 is shaping up as quite the year for internet fandom meltdowns!

Game Of Thrones premieres its sixth season on April 24th at 9PM.