There’s Already A BvS Deleted Scene Online

It's weird.

The home video release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will be about 30 minutes longer (and rated R), and you can sort of tell from watching the theatrical version. You can tell because a lot of stuff doesn't make any sense, like much of the connective tissue between scenes has been cut. 

One of the things that makes no sense at all in the film is Lex Luthor's motivation and his speech at the end of the movie. Sure, you and I, as comic geeks, can extrapolate that he is talking about Darkseid, cruel lord of Apokolips, at the end of the film, but that's generally the kind of info you try to impart in a film*. And maybe at one point that information was imparted in the film. Check out this deleted scene, called Communion (yes, more heavy handed religious allegory): 

To be fair this still makes no sense at all. Who is that dude Lex is talking to? He doesn't look like anyone I can identify from the Fourth World Saga (and if he's setting up Darkseid he should be a character from that canon). If anything he looks like Ex Nihilo, a Marvel character who also happens to have a big Omega symbol on his chest, the same symbol that is identified with Darkseid in this movie. Maybe nobody told Zack Snyder that dude isn't a DC character. 

What seems to be happening is that Lex seems to be getting information that leads to a couple of things - his unmotivated dipping of General Zod in the toilet water of the crashed Kryptonian ship and his speech at the end of the movie. But even still, this baffling scene doesn't give enough information to make any real sense of those later moments (I will never, ever understand why Lex Luthor would create an unstoppable killing machine. He just doesn't have anything to gain from this). The creature is holding what I guess is the DC Movieverse version of a Motherbox (three of em), which look nothing like the comic versions and have none of the Kirby grandeur they should have. They're shitty black CGI cubes made of other cubes/nano-particles. Fucking snooze. Somebody save the DC Movieverse's designs before the Fourth World gets started in earnest, please.


* Really worth noting: my understanding is that in the original Goyer draft or outline it was revealed that Brainiac was pulling the strings behind Lex, and he was the one who gave Batman visions. The reveal would set up the Justice League to battle Brainiac in Justice League 1, with Darkseid in the wings for Justice League 2. The Chris Terrio production draft dropped all the Brainiac/vision stuff... and then it ended up in the movie anyway, but without much explanation, like scenes were cut and pasted from one script to another without changing the context of any other scene.