Watch: The Dark Knight Gets The HAMILTON Treatment

In which Batman finally becomes iconic enough to earn his own HAMILTON parody.

We're big Hamilton fans here at Birth.Movies.Death., so the staff was thrilled when Devin happened upon an absolutely incredible, Star Trek-themed Hamilton parody a few weeks ago. What a perfectly executed thing that was! Sharply-written, brilliantly performed, hilariously was obvious the people behind that clip were coming from a place of passion, and it worked like gangbusters. 

I think you could say the same for Turtle Cameron, the YouTube-based team who put together the clip below, which cleverly marries the Batman legend with Lin-Manuel Miranda's songwriting skills. Check it out:

There's a few great punchlines here (A+ for the character who cameos with the "I'm the damn fool..." line) and I've got nothing but respect for how well this number is performed - but honestly? I'm just happy to see that Hamilton's caught on in such a big way. That people are parodying it well is definitely a bonus, but how cool is it that Hamilton itself has become prevalent enough to make any parody possible in the first place? Love it. 

How 'bout you guys? You feeling this one as much as you did the Star Trek version, or not so much?