Check Out The First Trailer For Patton Oswalt And Paul Rudd’s R-Rated Animated Comedy NERDLAND

It's a red-band trailer. And it earns it.

Hey, look: Variety just dropped the first trailer for Patton Oswalt and Paul Rudd's Nerdland, an adult animated movie I had no idea even existed until about ten minutes ago. 

Let's check it out (head's up: it's a red-band trailer, so prepare for naughty words). 


So, that looks pretty trippy, eh? I'm not sure I'm entirely sold on the plot ("an aspiring actor and an aspiring screenwriter make a last-ditch effort to achieve fame before they hit their 30th birthdays"), but I'm definitely into the way this thing looks. What a unique style! And what a cast: in addition to Oswalt and Rudd, you've got Riki Lindhome, the great Hannibal Buress, Mike Judge, and Molly Shannon. We're willing to give this crew the benefit of the doubt, aren't we?

Nerdland - directed by Metalocalypse and Superjail! producer Chris Prynoski - is playing at next month's Tribeca Film Festival, and is the latest in a growing wave of animated films aimed at adults.

No word on when it might be released, but if it blows the door off Tribeca we'll probably know something sooner rather than later. Stay tuned.