Road Trip! TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE Location To Re-Open As Tourist Destination

Spend your next family vacation visiting a rural gas station in the middle of nowhere!

If your idea of a fun destination spot isn’t Disneyworld or a Caribbean beach, but instead involves visiting a neglected rural location where an infamous horror movie was filmed 40-odd years ago, we have good news: the gas station/bbq pit from 1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is set to open in July, restored and renamed We Slaughter Barbecue. Personally, we at BMD can't imagine why anyone would want to drive fifty miles outside Austin to visit a site where a tiny horror movie happened to film some scenes, but apparently this is a thing for some people.

Fans of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will recall the gas station as being an integral locale in the film: the teens stop there to get some gas and bbq, and are warned to not go near their grandpa's house. (Spoiler: they don't listen. And die.) Later in the film, Sally seeks refuge inside the gas station and in a quiet, dreadful moment, she sits and stares at some smoking meat as slow realization creeps in. Now, according to the above news report, businessman Roy Rose is turning the remote spot into a full-service horror fan destination, a grisly Mecca that will not only serve delicious (and, one hopes, non-human) bbq, but will host special events and even accommodate overnight guests, if you’re the kind of person who would spend good money to go out of your way visit such a place.

Though I never noticed until blu-ray, “We Slaughter Barbecue” was actually the name on the sign of the gas station in the 1974 film (W.E. Slaughter was the unofficial name of Jim Siedow’s character, listed simply as “Old Man” in the film’s credit scrawl). You can follow Mr. Rose’s progress on the location’s Facebook page, and with three months until the place opens, you can get a head start on explaining to your friends and family why on earth you would make such a trek.

(Save us a seat?)