SUICIDE SQUAD Reshoots Bode Well For The DC Movieverse

It's getting funnier.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke with an excellent source who told me something surprising: the trailer for Suicide Squad, the one with the Queen song, did not represent the film as it then existed. "Every joke in the movie is in that trailer," this source told me. The enormous positive response to the trailer led to Warner Bros requesting reshoots that would alter the tone of the film, bringing in some more of the lightness to which audiences responded. 

I have since spoken to more sources and I understand that the reshoots are happening right now, as recently as this week, and that they're big - tens of millions of dollars big. And they're adding more humor and lightness into the film. 

This, to me, is great news. Hearing that WB is aware that they need to inject some fun into these movies - and that's what I'm hearing is happening here, not that they're inserting jokes left and right but that they're beefing up fun character moments and interactions - can only mean good things for the future of the DC Movieverse after the deadly serious, zero fun Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Justice League begins shooting very, very soon - within a couple of weeks - could this attitude find itself a home on the set of the next Zack Snyder movie? Remember, this is the guy who didn't have Superman and Wonder Woman speak one word to each other - will WB mandate more character interactions? Word is that they're being much more involved this time around...