It’s Punk Month At Birth.Movies.Death.

Let’s break some stuff.

April brings us Jeremy Saulnier’s absolutely incredible thriller Green Room, which focuses on a punk rock band that must survive a night against a small army of white supremacists. It goes about as well for them as you’d think, and the situation plays out in all kinds of tense and terrifying ways.

In honor of Green Room, we present a solid month of articles focused on movie punks. As usual, we’re going pretty broad with it, so while you might see a great write up of something like Sid and Nancy, you might also come across a bit on Harry Callahan’s famous use of the word “punk” in Dirty Harry. Or we might skip movies completely and just talk about how your dad is a punk. We can do that because we’re a bunch of punks, too.

So grab your studded bracelets and join us as we honor those who do whatever the hell they want, even at the risk of a Vulcan Nerve Pinch from Spock.