Doctor Strange Himself Visits Comic Book Store

This is so cool.

Doctor Strange shot on some New York City streets this weekend and there are a whole bunch of crazy exciting pictures of it. We can’t show them, but you can get an eye-full here.

One picture we can show, however, might be the best of the bunch. As filming intersected with a comic book store called JHU Comic Books, Cumberbatch - in full Doctor Strange costume - hung out in the store for a while and even bought an issue of some book no one’s ever heard of:


A photo posted by Zack Lee (@zachariaslee) on

How cool is that? Not just the fun drop-in at a comic book store, but that costume! Cumberbatch looks amazing, and if you check out the other photos, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Mads Mikkelsen look pretty great too. It’s going to be hard waiting all the way to November 4 to see this movie.

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