Hell Yes: Dave Bautista Joins BLADE RUNNER 2

If this man is a Replicant, humankind is fucked.

I gotta assume that, if you're mad about Blade Runner 2, it's getting harder and harder to stay that way.

First they hired Sicario and Enemy director Denis Villeneuve to direct the film. Then they brought on Roger Deakins to shoot the damn thing. They got Harrison Ford back onboard (this is still a ginormous question mark, but for the time being I'm curious about the repurcussions that bit of casting has on the Blade Runner mythology) and hired up Ryan Gosling to star. Last week, they announced that Robin Wright was getting involved, and now - on top of all this other good news - they've announced that Dave Bautista's joining the cast, a move Bautista teased over the weekend via the photo below.

Look, I've been onboard with all of this for a while now. Each new announcement only reaffirms and strengthens my hope for the film. I'm well aware that Villeneuve and company are firmly within "playing with matches" territory, but what can I say? I'm damn curious to see what this thing is, and I'm impressed by the team they're putting together to make it happen. There's reason to believe this could be something special.

We'll have to wait a while to find out, of course. The movie won't arrive until January of 2018, and as of right now we have virtually nothing to go on in terms of plot details. I wonder when they'll start letting us in on it.

Think they will, or think they'll take a more Mystery Box approach? Speculate in the comments below.