SWISS ARMY MAN Trailer Reveals The Sweetness Of A Farting Corpse

Do you want to be buried, cremated, or the catalyst for Paul Dano’s emotional awakening?

Swiss Army Man has two titles. One, the official title I’ve already used, and a second, more popular name: The Daniel Radcliffe Farting Corpse Movie. After watching the film’s trailer, I have a feeling the filmmakers probably don’t have a preference which one we use:

Awww, how sweet! Death is grim and comes to us all. Might as well make it a foundation for hilarious magical realism and a tenuous emotional connection, right? While I’m being flip, I can’t deny the appeal of turning a dead guy into a human Swiss Army Knife. This is something I’m going to see as soon as I can, even with the annoying “A film by Daniels” title card at the end of this trailer. Yeah, two guys named Daniel made the movie. But don’t do that.

By the way, apparently the song you hear in this trailer is being sung by Dano and Radcliffe. Another by the way: Swiss Army Man comes out June 17.