The Canon Episode 71: SLACKER

Richard Linklater's plotless masterpiece is up for Canonization!

Expect a lot of Richard Linklater from BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. this week. His new film, Everybody Wants Some!! is opening across the country (it's already playing in select cities and will be expanding in the weekends ahead) and we absolutely love it. We're throwing our full support behind the movie - and it's not just us. Our parent company, Alamo Drafthouse, is really behind the film as well, going so far as to stock specially brewed EWS!! beers. That's pretty damn cool. 

With all the Linklater happening in my world I thought it was appropriate to have this week's Canon be about his first real film, Slacker. A plotless journey through 24 hours in the life of weird Austin (back when Austin was weird), Slacker completes a set of films for The Canon - the important movies of the late 80s/early 90s independent cinema movement. Slacker is one of the cornerstones of indie cinema. is one of the great Austin movies and is the film that launched Linklater's career. Also: it's super good. 

There's some diversion into EWS!! territory in this episode - Amy didn't like it very much, it turns out - but none of it is spoilery. I feel like I didn't do my best job defending the film, so my review (which is coming) will take into account some of these critiques and answer them. 

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And go see Everybody Wants Some!! at your local theater, but if it's a Drafthouse all the better.