Joel McHale Will Play Chevy Chase In Upcoming Netflix Movie

He's also Chevy Chase, and you're not.

Remember that project we told you about a few weeks ago, A Futile And Stupid Gesture? Y'know, the David Wain-directed Netflix movie about Doug Kenney, founder of the National Lampoon? Will Forte's playing Kenney? Not ringing any bells? Well, here, read this

All caught up? Good. 'Cause now this is happening:

Joel McHale is in final negotiations to portray Chevy Chase, with whom he starred in NBC’s Community, in Netflix’s tragic story of National Lampoon co-founder Douglas Kenney, A Futile and Stupid Gesture.

Now, I trust David Wain (voice from the back of the comments section: "You can say that again"). I like Joel McHale. And I can certainly appreciate that McHale and young Chevy Chase share a certain smug smarminess - which will, of course, come in handy given the time period this film will be focusing on - but I'm honestly having serious trouble wrapping my head around this. Beyond the fact that the two look nothing alike, I feel like McHale's brand of smarm is markedly different from Chase's, more knowing and somehow even more mean-spirited. Then again, after that many years together on Community, maybe McHale does a killer impression. 

What do you guys think? Can you picture McHale as Chase? Feeling it, or not so much?