Check Out Our Exclusive Video Interview With MIDNIGHT SPECIAL Director Jeff Nichols

The director talks about going full sci-fi for his new film.

Jeff Nichols goes full sci-fi supernatural in his fourth film - his first with backing from a major studio and a budget... well, a bigger budget at least (to be more specific, bigger than Shotgun Stories, Take Shelter, and Mud combined). But don't let that fool you, Midnight Special is still every bit the moody, Southern noir tale as the director's three previous films. And every bit as restrained as an indie production as well. It may be comic book mythology-inspired but you wouldn't know it was from the same studio that released Batman v Superman unless someone told you. And it's a better Superman movie, too. 

Alamo Drafthouse Dallas programmer James Wallace recently sat down with Nichols to talk about the themes prevalent throughout his films, how Midnight Special would have probably been the same film without a major studio behind it (just less helicopters), its comparisons to Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Amblin-era films like ET, and more!