DOCUMENTARY NOW! And DAREDEVIL Season Two Lead To All-Out Podcast Lovefest

Just positive vibes all over the place.

This week, Phil and I take a break from movies and instead finally discuss Daredevil season two, which has been out for less than three weeks and already feels ancient. Nevertheless, we both really like the show, so it is a very positive discussion.

After that, we talk about Fred Armisen and Bill Hader’s Documentary Now!, an IFC series which hit Netflix last week. It is a superb show that you all should check out. So naturally that is a very positive discussion as well.

Before any of this however, we also spend some time talking about how much everyone here at Birth.Movies.Death. adores each other. As you can imagine, that is a very positive discussion too.

At one point, however, we both talk about how much we love Trump. That’s not such a positive discussion. Can’t win them all.

But for the most part, this is a real lovefest. It’s shorter than normal, but after last week’s extra long episode, I feel this brings balance to the universe. Also, there are only so many times you can say, “I love this new Frank Castle” or “I think his take no shit attitude will make America great again” without it getting boring.

Next week, we’re going deep on The Invitation which gets released this weekend. I highly recommend you watch it because it’s super great. But also so you can hang with us without getting spoiled!