Sigourney Weaver Will Help The Alamo Drafthouse Celebrate ALIEN DAY

Special guests! Mondo stuff! The best double-feature possible! April 26th is going to rock!

By now, you've probably heard that April 26th has been declared "Alien Day" (why April 26th? It's an LV-426 joke, and if you still don't get it, you probably need to celebrate Alien Day more than anyone), and no one is more excited about that than the Alamo Drafthouse. Give us even the flimsiest excuse to set aside an entire day in celebration of Ridley Scott's 1979 classic, and you know we're gonna be there. 

And because this is the Alamo Drafthouse we're talking about, you know we're gonna do it up right. Back me up on this, press release:





ALIENS’ female leads take center stage with Sigourney Weaver joining NY screening and Jenette Goldstein & Carrie Henn leading LA talent to mark chest-bursting 4.26.16 date – plus exclusive new Mondo T-shirt and line of official merchandise

Austin, TX – April 6, 2016While it may be true that in space no one can hear you scream, they will be heard loud and clear on April 26, 2016 as Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo join in on 20th Century Fox’s nationwide celebration of LV-426 / ALIEN DAY / 4.26.16  – a date paying tribute, of course to the desolate LV-426 featured in both films.

While the Alien Queen instantly became the stuff of nightmares, it is the three female leads who hold iconic status with fans everywhere. In response, Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo are pleased to announce that star Academy Award nominated and Golden Globe winner Sigourney Weaver – Ellen Ripley herself – will be on hand for a screening of ALIENS at New York City’s Town Hall. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Jenette Goldstein - AKA the tough-as-nails Private Vasquez - and Carrie Henn - the indomitable Newt - will be in attendance for ALIENS at The Theatre at the Ace Hotel – just around the corner from where Alamo’s first LA location is now under construction.  And last but not least, Alamo and Mondo will co-present a terrifying ALIEN + ALIENS double feature at Chicago’s beloved arthouse titan, The Music Box Theatre.

Each of these LV-426 / ALIEN DAY / 4.26.16 screenings will be a unique event, featuring a host of Xenomorph mayhem, including custom video pre shows and a for-sale Mondo ALIEN T-shirt designed by Jay Shaw exclusively for LV-426 / Alien Day screenings.

"We’re all massive fans of the ALIEN franchise so being able to host these epic screenings with Sigourney herself in New York, Jenette and Carrie in Los Angeles before we even have our own theaters open in those cities is just insane,” says Alamo VP of Special Events, Henri Mazza. “These are three of the most iconic and badass female protagonists ever committed to film, to celebrate ALIENS’ 30th anniversary with them is a real honor.”

Mondo, the acclaimed collectible art boutique, created an exclusive, limited run T-shirt that pays tribute, of course, to the inimitable Ellen Louise Ripley.  The shirt will only be available at the April 26 screenings – and after that, they’re gone.  

"As Ripley prepares for her final escape in Ridley Scott’s 1979 masterpiece ALIEN, imagine the central computer is able to send one last transmission back home,” Mondo’s Creative Director Jay Shaw, explains of the shirt’s concept. “This message might’ve been a warning that one of the ‘expendable crew’ has escaped with full knowledge of the company’s nefarious plans. Mondo's screen-printed shirt features an image of everyone’s favorite space badass from that final transmission.”

In addition to the Ripley shirt, Mondo will be offering an expanded line of products including posters, vinyl and apparel inspired by the property through their website on April 26, and the lobby of Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar in Austin will be home to an ALIENS pop-up store from April 22 through May 1.

You can get your tickets for all of the Drafthouse's Alien/Aliens double-features (and for the very special shows happening in NY, LA, and Chicago) at this link. Be aware that, once all those seats have sold, we will be taking off and nuking that site from orbit, so don't hesitate. 

And if you're excited to find out what Mondo's going to unveil on Alien Day (aren't we all?), you'll want to bookmark this page for future reference. There's not much there right now, but once things kick off, I think it's safe to assume that that page will be awash in awesome goodies.

Are you guys excited? We're pumped. I'll be on-hand at the South Lamar location for some on-site reporting, including an interview with Mondo Creative Director Jay Shaw (that'll be live here on Birth.Movies.Death. just as soon as we've recovered from our Alien Day festivities) and a look at that the inventory inside that Mondo pop-up store. 

How about you guys? Hitting one of these shows? Lucky enough to be living in NYC, Chicago or LA? Fill us in on your plans for Alien Day in the comments below! This is a sacred national holiday and we wanna know how you're celebrating!