Jon Daly Will Play Bill Murray In Netflix’s A FUTILE AND STUPID GESTURE

Casting continues on David Wain's latest.

Last week, we learned that Joel McHale had been hired to play Chevy Chase in David Wain's upcoming Netflix original movie, A Futile And Stupid Gesture (a biopic about Doug Kenney, co-founder of the National Lampoon). Much debate ensued over that development - teeth were gnashed, hands were wrung. Some people were legit Mad Online™ about it. But we moved on.

Now comes the news that Jon Daly has been cast as Bill Murray in the same film, and...y'know what? I can totally see it. Of course the physical resemblance isn't what you'd call uncanny, but Daly's got Murray's expressive, puppy-dog eyes and a proven ability to play "extremely chill". Daly's also a great mimic, and I'm willing to bet he'll crush this role.

The same report also reveals that Undateable's Rick Glassman has been hired to play Harold Ramis. I'm unfamiliar with Glassman's work, but I'll say this for the dude: the physical resemblance is definitely there. 

What a curious project this is turning out to be. Very interested to see how it turns out. How 'bout you guys?