Trailer For THE BYE BYE MAN Hilariously Assures You This Horror Film Is Based On True Events

Seems legit.

Note: The following is presented without commentary.

Here is a trailer for a horror film titled The Bye Bye Man. You should watch it.

According to the trailer, The Bye Bye Man is based on true events.

According to TheWrap, this is what The Bye Bye Man is about:

(The film is about) three college friends who stumble upon the scary origins of the Bye Bye Man, an entity that is behind some of the most unthinkable acts that humans commit every day. To avoid the curse, they try not to think or talk about it, but once the Bye Bye Man gets inside their heads, he takes over their lives.

The Bye Bye Man stars Carrie-Anne Moss, Douglas Smith, a gentleman named Lucien Laviscount, Douglas Jones, and Faye Dunaway, of all people.

In addition to being based on true events (discussion question: what even are true events?), The Bye Bye Man is also based on a short story titled "The Bridge To Body Island".

Allegedly, The Bye Bye Man hits theaters on June 3rd.