Just Shut Up And Watch The New SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer

We don’t deserve this.

We get a lot of flack here at BMD for being Marvel shills, as if people just can’t fathom that we get enthusiastic about Marvel movies because they tend to be good and down on DC movies because they tend to be bad.

But the saving grace here is David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, which is a DC movie I anticipate like you wouldn’t believe, even if it costs me a Marvel-sponsored boat. Just look at this new trailer:

This is either going to be brilliant about-face for the DCCU or an entertaining disaster. I see no in-between on that. BvS was a dour slog. With the pee jar and Jolly Rancher moment, it rubbed up against the entertaining side of bad cinema, but didn’t quite get there. I feel that Suicide Squad has a shot at being legitimately awesome. But if it fails reaching that bar, I feel it also at least has shot at wowing us with badness.

We’ve already heard that the film is doing extensive reshoots to make it more fun. I’m not sure it needed them. Hopefully, they don’t over-salt the soup. We’ll see when the movie comes out this August. If nothing else, we may have our first good Jai Courtney role. That’s no little thing.