Charlie Cox Claims To Know When THE DEFENDERS Starts Filming

But not DAREDEVIL season three.

Actors say things all the time, but they’re not exactly the main authority on what will or won’t happen with their various upcoming productions. I bring that up because Daredevil actor Charlie Cox said some interesting things regarding Netflix’s big The Defenders series, which will finally bring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist together in a massive binge behemoth.

Cox was in Paris at a Netflix event and claimed in front of a crowd of people that The Defenders would begin shooting at the end of the year. As for Daredevil season three, he says he’s unsure if there’s going to be one.

If true, this is nice to hear. As we start getting into multiple seasons of these shows (and possible spin-offs), one gets the feeling they could keep the build up to The Defenders going for years. Putting a general date on the show’s production means that won’t be the case, so hopefully it’s true. Considering Cox said it in front of a crowded room, he certainly feels confident about the claim.

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