GAME OF THRONES Season Six Gets Its Best Trailer Yet!

Just put the show out already!

I guess you can get to a point with trailers where you’ve just had enough and don’t care to see any more until the movie or show or whatever finally comes out. I hope you’re not at that point when it comes to Game of Thrones because today’s new trailer is seriously badass:

In pretty much every way possible, this trailer delivers the goods. It teases all kinds of exciting plot points and manages to check in on everyone. Considering a cast this size, that’s no small feat. Heck, you even get to see Tyrion die at the end! I figured they would have saved that for the show, but what do I know?

Things look like they’re going to get all kind of amped-up this year, and I can’t wait to just get to it already. Luckily, we’re almost there. Game of Thrones season six begins April 24.