GAME OF THRONES writer/producer Bryan Cogman joins to talk Errol Flynn!

This week's episode is a movie I had wanted to do for some time, but I was saving it for the right guest. And lo and behold!, the right guest made himself known. That guest is Bryan Cogman, writer and producer on Game of Thrones, and he is a huge Adventures of Robin Hood fan. Huge. Like, he brought a signed photo of Errol Flynn to the taping huge. 

The result is, I think, one of our better guest episodes. Bryan has so much enthusiasm and so much information at his fingertips that the episode is both fun and informative - at least for me! I always assume that if I liked taping you guys will like listening to it. 

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Thanks so much to Bryan for joining us, and make sure you're watching Game of Thrones when it is back on April 25th. Off the air I told Bryan my Jon Snow theory and he didn't deny it, so I assume it's totally true.

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