Word On The Street Is, Warner Bros. Is Bringing The R-Rated Cut Of BATMAN V SUPERMAN To Theaters

Well, this'll be fun.

So, we've known for a while now that Warner Bros. would be releasing an R-rated cut of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. That version of the film, which is said to contain more action/violence (and maybe a scene or two wherein Superman drowns a kitten), was said to be headed for home video, where it would presumably be purchased and enjoyed by everyone who felt shortchanged by the amount of violence provided in the film's theatrical cut.

Well, about that.

Word on the street is, Warner Bros. is considering a theatrical release for the R-rated cut of Batman V Superman. If this comes to pass, you should expect to hear some studio-issued bullshit about how putting the R-rated cut in theaters is "a gift to the fans", and definitely not a naked cash grab meant to boost Batman V Superman's already-flagging performance at the box office. Who's being defensive? I'm not being defensive. You're being defensive.

This rumor, by the way, comes to us from the folks at Heroic Insider. Given their track record with this sort of thing, I'm inclined to believe them. 

What do you guys think? Would you let Batman V Superman happen to you again if it was longer and more R-rated?