Ben Affleck Is Directing THE BATMAN

You knew it, but now it's official.

The Warner Bros panel at CinemaCon didn't have a ton of surprises, but CEO Kevin Tsujihara casually dropped a bombshell early in his intro to the studio's upcoming slate: Ben Affleck is directing The Batman, the upcoming Batman solo film. 

We had heard these rumors forever, but Tsujihara made it official by listing Affleck among the filmmakers WB is excited to work with on their upcoming DC films. He specified it was for the solo Batman movie. 

It's an exciting development, as Affleck is a strong director. Not only that, it's going to be a Batman movie directed by a Batman. There will be a totality of vision about the Dark Knight that will be intriguing. 

It's likely that The Batman is one of the unnamed DC films scheduled for 2018.