DEADPOOL 2 Update From The Writers Of DEADPOOL Is Not An Official DEADPOOL 2 Update

Got all that?

Deadpool arrives on DVD and Blu-ray in a matter of weeks, which means Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick spent a recent press day in Los Angeles dodging questions about Deadpool 2, a sequel they say hasn't even been officially confirmed yet.

HitFix's Chris Eggersten got a few interesting quotes from 'em, anyway. In regards to what direction they might be taking the sequel, Reese said:

"We're opening up to some fun choices because we aren't really constrained as much. We can go almost wherever we want. There's a massive body of material in the comics. We have our own ideas, Ryan has his ideas, and so much of the fun of writing Deadpool is the freedom, the freedom to break rules, the freedom to do crazy things, and I think the sequel probably provides even more opportunity than the first movie to do that."

And, in regards to the million-dollar question ("Is Cable gonna be in the movie or what?"), Reese said:

"I hate to say, but we just shouldn't talk about it."

He then went on to talk about Cable, anyway.

"There's a lot of fun in that he's very serious and he does take on more serious weighty issues than Deadpool's used to taking on, so I think there's a juxtaposition there that can be fun. We had a lot of fun with Colossus in the first movie, just by virtue of him being a foil to Deadpool, being a goody two-shoes and a straight shooter and Deadpool being irreverent. And I think Cable offers us the opportunity to provide another really cool, different foil for Deadpool."

Reese is saying all the right things here, far as I'm concerned. Cable should absolutely be playing straight-man to Deadpool. I want a hyper-serious Cable. I want a Cable who cannot believe he's stuck on some world-saving mission with this red-suited, capering jackass. I want a Cable whose costume features so many pouches, he can barely walk. And I think Reese and Wernick are going to give him to us.

Deadpool 2, which is not yet officially-official, will probably be confirmed as such any minute now. I'm looking forward to it.