DOCTOR STRANGE Trailer Is Just As Great As You Hoped

The Doctor is in.

Everything’s coming up Marvel. So why not release a movie about a psychedelic magician warrior? We’re ready. Tonight the trailer dropped, and of course it’s outstanding:

It’s not an extremely full trailer. Most of it is focused on Tilda Swinton’s bald head, Mads Mikkelsen’s crazy eye make-up and Doctor Strange’s fucked up hands, but you do get a sense of the insane visuals the film will throw at us. And, I mean, it’s Doctor Strange. This is exciting.

The film will come out this November. I’m sure we’ll get a lot more of this promotional stuff between now and then, including tons of the fully-formed Doctor Strange action this trailer lacked. But in the meantime, I’m just excited this even exists, especially considering this weirdo will one day interact with already-established Avengers. We live in amazing times.