IRON FIST Casts Its Adorable Villain

Eh, he doesn’t look all that mean.

Iron Fist casting is coming hard and fast. Like a fist. We already knew super vanilla boytoy Finn Jones would be playing the heavy-fisted hero. Now, we know whose ass he’s going to punch.

Marvel has announced that David Wenham, who you might remember as the sad bro from Lord of the Rings or perhaps the single guy who lived in 300, will play Harold Meachum. My Iron Fist knowledge wouldn’t fit on an iron pinkie, but I do know that Meachum is a corporate tycoon guy who was tight with Iron Fist’s parents when they died.

We’ll have to see how his relationship with Iron Fist unfolds when the show finally hits Netflix. Until then, more casting is probably on the way. In the meantime, I shall continue to refer to the character as Iron Fist and never Danny Rand.