They’re Letting Us Know Superman Is Back Right Away

Well, so much for that plot point lasting.

Warner Bros' DC Films division showed off their post-Batman v Superman slate at CinemaCon today, and while most of the footage was stuff we have already seen - including footage previously shared on the DC Movieverse TV special - a quick video message from Zack Snyder and the cast of Justice League, filming now in London, was new. And it revealed something interesting. 

Henry Cavill was there. 

I mean, we all know Superman is coming back... but did we think so soon? And so obviously that Snyder felt comfortable trotting Cavill out with the cast? 

Of course Cavill could be there shooting flashbacks, or maybe he's shooting his appearance at the end of the movie? Or maybe, and this is a theory I frankly fucking hate but think it could be true, Superman is the bad guy. 

Either way, they're not hiding Superman's immediate return.