But is he the only villain?

You never know who you'll run into in Vegas. Sometimes the people you run into will have some interesting information. Like about Spider-Man: Homecoming, for instance.

Yes, I was told, that's the title they're working with at the moment. I think it'll be the title. We may even see the title treatment later today, when Sony presents their next year's slate at CinemaCon (which is happening here in Vegas, and is why I'm in Vegas). But what we may not hear officially announced yet is this:

The Vulture will be in this movie. Will he be the main baddie? Will he be a villain Spidey has to defeat in an opening scene? I don't know, although old rumors that passed by my ears indicated a non-main villain role for the old bird.

Sam Raimi had wanted to do the Vulture back when he was running the franchise, but he ended up first getting stuck with Venom and then having the series rebooted out from under him. I wonder how much the inclusion of the Vulture is an eff you to old Avi Arad, the once-producer on the series and a guy who I understand wasn't keen on the character.

The inclusion of the Vulture at all makes me happy. For one thing, I like the idea of a very young Peter Parker going up against a very old Adrian Toomes. I like the Silver Age aspect of this, one of the sillier but also most famous Spider-Man villains. And I like the idea of an aerial foe who will be able to get Spidey swinging and leaping around - if Captain America: Civil War is any indication, Marvel (who is producing the film for Sony) has this aspect of the character nailed