A Look At The Business Side Of Drafthouse Films And THE INVITATION

A great conversation with a real pro.

Due to technical problems on my end, Phil was not able to join this week’s podcast, which is a shame because we had quite a guest in Drafthouse Films COO James Shapiro. Phil would have loved it. RIP, buddy.

The idea was for us to discuss The Invitation in the same way we discuss most movies featured on this podcast. That’s not really what happened. We do eventually get into The Invitation, but most of this conversation involves the business side of Drafthouse Films as a whole, something I found fascinating and probably could have kept discussing all night. This is like going out for beers with an insider, except everyone else gets to hear the conversation as well!

Next week Phil will be back, and I’m sure we’ll talk about a whole host of things. One of those things will probably be Everybody Wants Some!!. I have a strong feeling Dazed and Confused will be a big part of that conversation as well.