Get A Look At The Mondo Gallery’s Tribute To Richard Linklater

"No Longer / Not Yet" celebrates an Austin icon.

A few weeks ago, the Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX unveiled its latest showcase: No Longer / Not Yet, a tribute to the filmography of Richard Linklater.

Featuring a dozen brand-new prints from some of Mondo's best artists (and a seemingly neverending supply of Austin Beerworks' Everybody Wants Some Beer, which is every bit as "crushable" as they're claiming it is), the show was a knockout. Just look at all these awesome prints!

Slacker by Jay Ryan

Dazed And Confused (Reg and Variant) by Dan Black

The Before Trilogy by Jason Munn

Bernie by Phantom City Creative

Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly by Jay Shaw

Dazed And Confused (Reg and Variant) by James Flames

Boyhood by Kevin Tong

Slacker by We Buy Your Kids

Everybody Wants Some!! by Matt Taylor


If you're interested to pick one of these up, you can head on over to Mondo's website. Last I checked, a number of these (including Jay Ryan's print!) were still available. 

Now: which one do you guys like the most? I'm having a hard time choosing between Matt Taylor's Everybody Wants Some!! and Jay Shaw's Scanner Darkly/Waking Life diptych. Then again, Jay Ryan's Slacker - which apparently features every character who pops up in the film - is also pretty damn killer. I honestly can't decide.

Help me out with that in the comments below.

Get your tickets to Everybody Wants Some!! here!