GODZILLA RESURGENCE Gets An Awesome Japanese Teaser

Your boy looks super cool and super pissed.

Well, it’s finally here. We finally have our first teaser for Toho’s big Godzilla Resurgence (aka God Godzilla), and it looks great!

I’m fond of a couple things right off the bat. They really front-load this with Godzilla. We get a couple great looks at him, and then the trailer runs through a roll call of the human cast. You see them all talking in turn, yet we don’t actually hear what they’re saying. This leads to the next curiosity: it doesn’t really matter that this is a Japanese-language trailer since it completely lacks dialog!

They probably know we’re only in it for the big guy anyway. And we sure see a surprising amount of him, in all his giant, toothy glory. It's pretty much just him walking around, stepping on things and ignoring military weaponry, but at this point, who cares? Godzilla's back, and he looks stupendous!

This can’t come out soon enough. Tell us what you think of Toho’s new Godzilla in the comments!