MEN IN BLACK, 21 JUMP STREET Crossover Gets A Title

This really, really is happening.

Sony let everyone know they were serious about this Men in Black, 21 Jump Street crossover yesterday by revealing the film’s title at CinemaCon. That title will be MIB 23. Things can always change, but I can’t imagine them coming up with anything better than that.

I mean it really is perfect. The title gets the Men in Black in there while keeping with the Jump Street naming convention, which is a good joke but also helps soften the fact that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones aren't involved. It also rhymes. I say bravo!

MIB 23 still doesn’t have a director yet. Phil Lord and Chris Miller will produce but have no time what with their Han Solo movie and everything. James Bobin was being talked to at one point, but it’s still unclear how that did or didn’t develop. Expect a trailer any day now!