It definitely isn't in the JJ rebootverse.

I have heard some intriguing rumors about the new Star Trek TV show that will be coming to CBS All Access next year under the stewardship of Bryan Fuller: it won't be set in the JJ Abrams reboot universe. The new show will be set in the original, classic continuity.

But when? Will it be a prequel, like Enterprise? Or will it be the next generation for The Next Generation? Neither, I've heard. The show will be set some time after the events of Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, so between the original series and The Next Generation

I love this. For my money the original series movie uniforms are just the best uniforms, and I would love a TV series with that look. I think there's a rich vein of stories to be mined between the years of the swashbuckling OG crew and the more reserved TNG crew. The only bummer is that we won't be able to have cameos from some of the original crew, as most of them are dead (and Captain Kirk will have already disappeared into the Nexus by the time this show is set, no matter when it's set - he fell into the Nexus the same year as the events of The Undiscovered Country!).

I've also heard the show, which will be heavily serialized, will not be set on an Enterprise, although that feels like a no-brainer. One last rumble I heard, which I could not get second sourced at this time, so consider this a wild rumor: while the Khitomer Conference will have paved the way for Klingons and humans to find peace, Fuller has a plan as to how he can still feature villainous Klingons, something we haven't seen in decades!

This show is shaping up to be awesome, and I'll happily plunk down a subscription fee for it.

UPDATE! A trusted source has chimed in and told me that it looks like the show will be a seasonal anthology, which means the first season will be set post-Undiscovered Country. After that the entire Star Trek universe is potentially open. So those of you hoping for a post-Dominion War show... don't give up hope. That could come some day.