It’s Looking More And More Like Alden Ehrenreich Will Be Our Young Han Solo

The tenacious youngster may have triumphed in the young hot actor Thunderdome.

When Phil Lord and Chris Miller launched the biggest casting search in recorded history, which means there may have been a bigger one before we started writing stuff down, it was exciting because it came with an implication that they would find just what they needed to pull off the perfect young Han Solo, even if that meant an unknown actor.

So it was surprising when the shortlist contained known people like Jack Reynor and Taron Egerton. One of those actors was Hail, Caesar!'s impressive Alden Ehrenreich, and according to Deadline, he has now become the frontrunner.

I hope he gets it. Ehrenreich’s an exciting choice because he has his own earnest thing going. If this is going to work, the film needs someone who can own the character without constantly reminding us of Harrison Ford. Ehrenreich’s different enough that maybe he can pull it off.

Of course, he hasn’t been officially cast yet, so this is all still on the “what if” side of things. But what if?!