Now There Will Be Four AVATAR SEQUELS Instead Of Three

Only wimps just make quadrilogies.

James Cameron just took the stage at CinemaCon to discuss the future of his Avatar franchise. You remember Avatar right? No, not the bald kid. The cat people.

According to Devin’s tweets, Cameron has some serious plans. First off, there aren’t just three sequels anymore. Now there will be four. Each is supposedly going to stand alone, while forming into some kind of mega narrative by the time it’s over. The first film is expected to hit 2018, with a new film arriving every two years, always around Christmas.

That all should be very exciting. The problem is the length of time we’ve been hearing about these fabled Avatar sequels now. The first film came out in 2009, and sequels have been planned pretty much ever since. They are getting harder and harder to believe in.

And do people even want them? The first film was a massive success yet didn’t make as big a cultural divot as you might expect for such a mad titan of cinema. Who knows if audiences will return after all this time? To be honest, I kind of think they will, especially if the next one gets positive word of mouth. Maybe humanity has a minimum-expression love for Avatar default gene scientists haven't found yet.

In any case, it’s James Cameron’s world and we just live in it. If he wants to make a ton of crazy Avatar sequels, I doubt anyone’s going to stop him. So let’s just get used to our cat alien overlords and move on with our lives.