EQUALS Trailer Imagines A Nightmarish World Where Kristen Stewart Cannot Emote

I know, it sounds crazy.

Science fiction allows us to imagine any number of impossibilities: spaceships capable of interstellar travel, distant planets where aliens and androids hang out together in bars, and - very soon, in a new movie called Equals - a nightmarish world where Kristen Stewart's normally radiant disposition has been viciously snuffed out by medication, or an oppressive government, or something.

Watch the trailer, if you dare.

Drake Doremus' Equals stars Nicholas Hoult, Kristen Stewart, Jacki Weaver, Guy Pierce, and Bel Powley. As you can see in the trailer above, the film presents a world in which all emotions have been eradicated. I'm not entirely clear on how this has been achieved, but - considering the fact that Hoult and Stewart's characters seem to be putting themselves at risk by falling in love with one another - I'm guessing that an oppressive government is responsible. 

I dunno. This looks stylish and well-shot (and lord knows the good folks at A24 have never steered us wrong before), but this trailer just isn't setting my world on fire. What do you guys think?