JURASSIC WORLD Sequel To Be Helmed By The Director Of THE IMPOSSIBLE

J.A. Bayona steps in for Colin Trevorrow

Remember Jurassic World? Of course you do. Colin Trevorrow's smash-hit dominated at the box office last summer (even as it left many people reeling with indifference) to the tune of over $1.6B, and we've known for some time that a sequel was in the works.

Today, we learned who's going to helm that sequel. According to The Hollywood Reporter

J.A. Bayona, the Spanish filmmaker who broke through with his gripping tsunami drama The Impossible, has signed on to direct the sequel to Jurassic World, Universal’s $1.6 billion-grossing juggernaut that relaunched the rampaging dinosaur franchise.

This is an unexpected choice, but it's also an interesting one. The Impossible proved that Bayona can juggle spectacle with emotion, and on a far more limited budget than he's likely to be working with on a Jurassic World sequel. It's a choice that doesn't have me climbing the walls with excitement, but I'm certainly more intrigued than I'd have been with, say, Colin Trevorrow returning to direct (sobering reminder: Trevorrow's not returning because he's directing Star Wars: Episode IX). 

No official word on where Jurassic World 2 might take us, but I'm guessing it'll involve a land mass, some Velociraptors, a cartoonishly greedy villain who values money more than human life, several poorly-designed dino-containment systems, and Chris Pratt. 

Have you guys revisited Jurassic World since it came out? Lately I've been wondering if I wasn't too hard on it, and have been considering a rewatch. Yay or nay?